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in. Marriage — modernly — is seen as sort of unalloyed good, says law professor Melissa Murray.

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Murray teaches family law at UC Berkeley. She says the m a rriage equality movement has built up the idea that marriage is this wonderful thing that everyone should want. And there are a lot of benefits to being married in the United States.

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They are often healthier especially menand they have access to a range of public and private benefits, like Social Security and shared employee health and other benefit plans. In the mids, women had very few rights, and marriage was necessary for the economic provision of most women who were not working outside the home. And, although it may surprise modern listeners, sex outside of marriage was a crime.

As Murray, explains, the criminal regulation of sex made clear that marriage was the d site for sexual activity. Marriage interacting with criminal law for regulating sex. For identifying certain kinds of sexual acts as productive and valuable and other kinds as unproductive, destructive, and indeed criminal. Marriage worked as a kind of state-imposed sexual discipline. The close interaction between criminal regulation of sex and marriage meant that marriage could even be used as a form of punishment for certain sex crimes. So, there are these amazing scenes where all of a sudden this site of a trial was transformed into a wedding.

No one thought the defendant was getting away with something by being married. If he was married, he literally had a ball and chain.

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He had someone he had to support. He would likely have a family to support. He would have to be sober, enterprising, productive and if he was abiding by his marriage vows, sexually faithful. Just a few months ago, in Augustafter a man got into a barroom brawl, a Texas judge ordered the man to marry his girlfriend or spend a few nights in jail. And there certainly remains a persistent gap in caregiving that falls along gendered lines in most marriages. Ironically, the marriage equality movement may al the death knell of efforts to promote a wider range of relationship recognition options.

Now that marriage is available, same-sex couples — like straight couples before them — are expected to get married in order to receive benefits. Or will marriage really be a one size fits all kind of model for everyone. Melissa Murray has written extensively about marriage. University of California, Berkeley, the premier public institution of higher education.

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in Get started. Get started Open in app. The darker side of marriage.

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Photo credit: Flickr photo by Wendy Longo. Is marriage better today? One size fits all? More from UC Berkeley Follow.

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Women want sex Brice

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