Tulsa swinging clubs.

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Syn is a lifestyle club located in Tulsa, OK, and is considered the hottest club in the area. We are open only on nights listed below. If you want to stay on top of the naughtiest bits of news, then check out our blog.

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As of Jan Syn will have a greatly reduced presence on Facbook. We endorse and will be building our presence on MeWe. We had a nightclub environment with the Naughty Room next door. No one was allowed in the bar that was not a Synner.

About one year ago we moved to only the play room and built the BYOL party patio. Many miss the old set up and for at least one night we are bringing it back. We jumped the gun a bit last month because of the weather, but this is the official return. The patio and the naughty room will still be open.

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You can still BYOL on the patio or hang out in the bar area. You will be getting your wrist Tulsa swinging clubs. inside the bar for this event. We will be set up by the front door. You can enter through the front or through the back. Prices will be same as always. This is illegal and can get us shut down. We are going to be very strict on this. If you plan on utilizing the BYOL patio park in the back or walk around the east side between the store and the dispensary with your adult beverages.

We will not be doing table reservations for this event. If demand is high we will reinstate table reservations for bar take over nights. The plan right now is to run bar takeover events about once a month on a trial basis.

Maybe more during extremely cold months or pending rough weather. All Bar Takeover Events will be marked as such. Bar takeovers cost more and have more work associated with them they need to be successful for them to continue. If your new this is a good event to come check out. Doors open at 8 party starts at 9 and we Syn till 2am. Couples are For Tickets.

Bi Male play is always welcomed at Syn, however many still feel uncomfortable engaging in it during a regular event. We want to host an event to make everyone as comfortable as possible. All the normal rules of etiquette apply. These events tend to be smaller events, but we keep doing them to encourage everyone to feel welcome.

Price is Some ladies are simply insatiable. One man can never keep up with a true nympho. If you are one of these Greedy Girls tonight is for you. We are relaxing the rules a bit for tonight. Guys if that happens just thank them and move on to the next one.

For this to work we need to stock the club with plenty of studs. Guys this is your opportunity to be bolder and approach the ladies. Dress nice, smell good, be respectful and you should have a good night with multiple Greedy Girls.

Our end of the summer event returns! We are limiting it to the first 7 ladies that up and Tulsa swinging clubs. also have a list of alternates in case someone gets cold feet or wanders off. So get there early if your want to participate. We will be providing the shirts size large.

If you need a different size or want to bring a custom shirt feel free. BIG prizes!

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All the ladies participating will receive at least one free entry. What is more appropriate than letting a machine give you multiple orgasms? The Synful Sybian returns. We will have dedicated staff members to help you choose your attachments and tell you everything you need to know. Everything will be thoroughly clean and sanitized after each use. Then you can relax on a dedicated bed while your legs stop twitching. Once 10Pm hits Syn staff members will be going around and giving out tickets every mins.

West Coast Rally 2019 thank you Tulsa SwingDance Club

Everyone topless will receive a ticket. Men and women both. At midnight we will do a drawing giving out Syn Swag, frere passes and gift cards for well know steakhouse. The longer you are topless the more chances you have to win. All women are lovely however there is something about a thick girl. If you are thick or a fan of thick women and men this is the night for you.

Come show off all that thickness at Syn. Our Cum One, Cum All event is our gangbang night. The king bed will be lit up and any ladies on it are there to play. The bondage bed can be lit up as well upon request. If a lady is on any bed that is lit up you do not have to ask permission before touching or engaging in any sexual activity. However you must still respect no. Yes is not required but no is still an option. By default only the king bed will be lit up. Ladies if you want the bondage bed lit up we can do that as well.

Guys if a bed is NOT lit up do not approach a couple playing on it. If they are interested they will invite you. Double standard rule always applies at Syn: Guys can not self love women Tulsa swinging clubs. self love all they want. We obviously will be upping the amount of single males allowed at this event. For this event only we ask single ladies to pay This fee can be waived if you plan on participating in the event.

This event always sells out. We do allow some walkup but there is no guarantee of entry unless you purchase a ticket. Tulsa swinging clubs. open at 8 party starts at 9. Open till 2am. Any questions feel free toand we look forward to seeing you all again.

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For Location Details for location details. Syn is open ONLY on the nights listed below. Check out the Virgins of Syn. Also check out our on our playroom NR2K for details and common etiquette questions. Check out our Blog Tulsa swinging clubs. you want to stay on top of the naughtiest bits of news, then check out our blog. Want to connect with like mind people? Syn Supports Kasidie. Click our link and recive 90 day free membership.

Couple of changes and important notes: You will be getting your wrist band inside the bar for this event. You will not be allowed on the patio without a wristband. Hours are now 10pm to 3am during summer months. Pre purchasing tickets online is not available for the Friday night events.

August 21st: Greedy Girls Some ladies are simply insatiable. Buying tickets online is not required but recommended. August 28th: Bare Our end of the summer event returns!

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Winners will be determined by judges and crowd support. Come celebrate the end of another Summer of Syn. Ladies only on the Sybian guys just be happy we get to watch. Sept 18th: Thick All women are lovely however there is something about a thick girl. For more details check out our blog posting on this event.

Oct 2nd: Flannel Shirt. Oct 9th: Strap On Fantasy. Oct 16th: Hot Wife. Oct 23rd: Swing Train. Thank you!!

Tulsa swinging clubs.

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