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About 8 to 10 of us went in after a long day and a fair bit of wine with dinner on a Thursday night around and it was quieter than I expected.

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We were pretty popular right off the bat and had 3 girls push together a couple of the little table dance platforms to entertain us. Our server was enjoying us though since we were going pretty hard.

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More on that later. She was an attractive brunette. Solid Gold is the largest strip club in London Ontario and in my experience has the most attractive dancers.

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I have been to this club many times and the time you go will have a big impact on your experience. The busiest nights are thursday, friday and saturday nights. At this time there are at least 20 different dancers and the stage is non-stop. Dancers go fully nude on the stage and generally do 3 dances at a time.

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Since there are so many guys there these nights the girls tend to come by and hit you up for dances and then move on quickly if you aren't completely into them. If you are with a group of guys you can get a table dance that is quite entertaining or you can go for a private Solid gold strip club london. The private dances are 20 dollars per song. The girls encourage you to touch there breasts and ass and like all essentially all Canadian clubs they go fully nude as part of the lap dance. Drinks about 6.

At best you can get a pizza slice from the bar. The other thing about the london clubs is that there are shot girls that come around and push shots that they are carrying. I don't particularly enjoy shots I would rather stick with my beer so I find these girls can be annoying.

I actually find the girls at Solid Golds the most attractive in london. They have house girls my favorite is Sarah so on any night of the week there will be dancers even if the club is dead. These girls w I took a trip to Solids after a couple of years sabbatical and was pleased with what I encountered. I dropped in around 8-ish and there was almost nobody there. That isn't really unusual so early in the night. I stepped out, got some dinner, and when I came back, aroundthe place was about three quarters full.

The dancers started to hit the floor and by 10 there must have been close to 25 or so girls. There was a full selection of talent. Your into cocaine-thin models, Solids has them. Hot single-moms, yup. Want a little booty for push'n, they got that too. From white to black only two that I saw to mulatto, I wasn't wanting for options.

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I was in London recently for a conference, and after a night out with some people I'd met there we decided to go to Solid Gold, as it was the closest one to the hotel we were all staying at. We probably arrived around 11PM. Even more so than a normal club. I could barely see what I was doing at first, and it was not immediately clear where anything was. There were bouncers at the door, but no cover; they forced us to leave our bags up at the front, but it was really not secure at all - just behind this counter that nobody was really watching.

I didn't have anything valuable in mine, but some of the guys I was with were more nervous.

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It has the atmosphere of a dive bar, but not a truly terrible one. I wouldn't say it was comfortable or super clean - just sort of beaten-up. Not awful, though, by any stretch.

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It's a sort of long narrow space with the bar to the immediate left when you enter. The stage is a bit further down on the other side, and then there are tables and booths and so on leading off towards the private rooms.

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I didn't end up getting a dance myself, as I was just there to have some beer and take in a show, so I can't comment on that part of it. The girl on stage when we came in was maybe a 5, and looked half-black; there seemed to be a healthy mix of black, white and asian girls there, with one who claimed pretty co Never had been to a strip club in Canada, so I decided to visit on a recent trip to London.

Walking down the street to this club it seemed dead around 7pm. There was no one on the street, but when I went inside I found that the place was decently busy. Around 20 customers inside. Didn't have to pay any cover charge which was nice.

I'm not sure if they charge Solid gold strip club london in the evening, though. Bartender was friendly. Club looks pretty nice inside. Ample seating is available. One of the thing that is different from strip clubs in the USA is that no one was tipping at the stage. Because of this, the stage is more of a chance for dancers to show off in order to get private dances.

On the topic of currency, the bar and dancers here are happy to take whatever currency you have as far as Canadian vs. American dollars. I think this is because the two currencies are so close in value right now, maybe things are different if there is a difference in exchange rate.

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Dancers here are attractive. Lots of 7s and 8s. Plenty of white dancers, some Canadian and some seem to be European. There were also a couple Asian dancers. Because they do not get tips up at the stage they push t Toggle lustnames.

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Solid gold strip club london

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