Seeking a lumberjack

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Jump to content. Posted 28 July - PM. Posted 29 July - AM. Posted 30 July - AM. Posted 02 August - AM. Posted 02 August - PM. Salinor, on 02 August - AM, said:. The Lumberjack! You cannot reply to this topic Go to first unread post.

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Posted 28 July - PM This is Part 2 of gameplay videos revolving around a crit seeking build for The Arrow deed to saw off all those crunchy limbs It's part of the Mechtactical series. Also, there is a LIKE button as well. Posted 29 July - AM Your intro is pretty awesome!

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Posted 29 July - AM Thanks! I'm glad you liked it! Works so much better with a STD engine 6 machine guns, 2 large pulse lasers and a flamer. Not really a fan of aysmetrical builds either. Edited by mad kat, 29 July - AM. He calls it the "Duck Dynasty" which is of course hilariously awesome.

WOW!, Is this an axe, or a laser beam,,

I just like the LBX and find it to be a great deterrent to other pilots considering charging me compared to lasers and the asymmetry doesnt bother me that much. It does work pretty well, especially when you are hyper aggressive from a good ambush point.

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Thanks for watching! I really do appreciate it.

The World's Most Dangerous Journey?

Posted 02 August - AM Great vid! Posted 02 August - AM that was great! That fight with the dire wolf at the end was awesome!

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Posted 02 August - PM Nice build So far it works well and I have had some really nice dmg matches with it. I love the LXB 10 for sure and I have the range module for it also. Reply to quoted posts Clear. Mark Community Read Forums Mark all as read. English U. All rights reserved.

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Seeking a lumberjack

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