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Carl and Chloe are the proprietors of the longest running and probably New Zealand sex parties most professionally run sex club in New Zealand. They are the loveliest of hosts and give the club a welcoming flavour. They welcome all people from first timers to experienced party goers. There is a small gated car-park out the front which fits a few cars. Carl will greet you at the front door. He runs the entrance every night that they are open, which is Wednesday to Saturday, with special events on Sundays.

A good effort thank you Carl. He always makes a point of offering a guided tour to all newcomers, which is worth taking. Not because the club is big. Its just nice to see how the club works. We recommend the tour. Chloe runs the bar and is up New Zealand sex parties a chat any time. She has seen and heard it all, so you can spill the beans to her. The club has a main bar area with seating around the outside. There are 2 main playrooms to either side, and a corridor with play spaces on the sides. The play areas consist of large and soft foam beds which have covers that are changed regularly.

The hygiene standard is good, and one can smell the squeaky clean products used. There is also an outdoor smoking room. At the far end of the corridor there are a few toys to play with. There is a St Andrews Cross with an accompanying rack of whips. There is a swing with leg and wrist straps that will leave the person strapped in completely vulnerable. Next to the swing is a firm table with stirrups for harder action. Street clothes, bags etc can be left in the locker room which in in the bathrooms next to the unisex toilets and showers. Leave the mobile phone in the car, or check it in with Carl at the entrance.

They are not allowed inside the club. Payment is made at the entrance and Carl will give out an elastic wrist band with a key for the locker, and for the drinks tab at the bar. Regular club nights are Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Dress for the ladies is fun and flirty. Elegance is always appreciated and most women make an effort to dress up and make a special occasion of the evening. Black is always sexy, but for contrast we have seen a women rock the club in a stunning, patterned summer dress.

We have seen everything from neon G-strings to the finest Parisian silks. We have even seen a girl wearing her bikini.

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High heels are always sexy and appreciated. For men a shirt with a collar, pants or smart casual. Making an effort definitely helps with making connections. However New Zealand is a casual country and as long as men are well presented it is fine, because CCK is not a fashion show. The vibe is more about having fun and feeling liberated. Soon enough the clothes will all be on the floor anyway…. Side note; when you New Zealand sex parties your shoes and clothing off, make sure you place them carefully in a spot where you can find them afterwards.

The club has many dark nooks and crannies, which make loosing clothing easy. We are sure many women go home without their knickers, and CCK is not really the sort of venue where people go back to check the lost property box! The lighting in CCK is soft and ambient, and done in such a way that everyone looks good. The club is about m2, and comfortably holds around 50 couples.

It needs about a dozen couples to get going. Having said that, we attended a Thursday night in winter when the All Blacks were playing Australia. There was only one other couple there, but we still had fun.

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It made choosing easy…. Victor says CCK has a feminine energy as the women rule the club. Most regular nights at CCK are for couples plus single women allowed. The vibe is very non threatening to women. Indeed most contact and connection is created by women. The men are more passive in this respect. Connection between couples usually starts with girl-girl action whilst the men are in tow.

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If you want to know more about etiquette of ing in to play with others, read the blog Le Mask — club libertin a Paris in the France section. In CCK there is an exception to the invitation etiquette: there is a grope tent. It is a really fun idea. Essentially it is a black, ceiling to floor curtain, encircling anyone inside. In the sides of the curtain are glory holes. The rules are, that anyone who enters this tent are fair game to be groped by anyone who wants to put their arms or other through. No invitation or consent is required. We have had some real fun in this tent with 2 other couples.

There were hands and other everywhere!. On an occasion we observed a stunning, thin Arabian looking couple circling the club, not making contact with anyonenot quite comfortable. Eventually they found their space in the grope tent. They had a long sex session in there whilst enjoying being groped from the outside. We guess it allowed New Zealand sex parties to have sex contact with others, anonymously, without having to see who was giving it to them.

CCK is really the only regular sex club in NZ. Club goers come from all over the country. Traveling from afar, it is common to book in for a Friday and Saturday nights, and even a Sunday special event party. We have met a couple there who travel over every couple of months from the Gold Coast. They tell us that CCK is better than anything in Australia.

There are also usually a few tourists passing through. Auckland is multi ethnic city and so different ethnicities usually attend. CCK is an incredibly friendly place, and pretty much everyone is up for a chat. Of course everyone says they are from a different New Zealand sex parties than they actually live.

And no-one uses their real names. One evening we decided to make up our professions. Victor decided to be an architect. This went very well until he was talking to another man and the question came up. We slunk away.

What people say is often not reality. An event that we remember was when we were talking to a lovely couple. He was most warm and friendly. She had big doe eyes on beautiful pale skin. She proudly claimed that she would never give a blow job with out a condom. We saw them an hour later bouncing around with 2 other couples, enjoying the heck out of themselves…. CCK caters for the experienced, and the inexperienced.

There are exhibitionists, who are usually good looking couples who park themselves in conspicuous areas so that all can view their sexual positions and admire their beauty. There are girls looking for playing with girls. There are couples who swap with couples. Threesomes and foursomes are most common.

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Sometimes there is a melee on the large bed with multiple couples swapping for a description of a melee read the blog La Jolie in Germany. There are the young 20 year olds and the 60 year olds. Karl keeps and open mind and policy at the door. There are couples who just want to watch other couples. Some couples want to have sex next to another couple with no contact. Some want to watch their wife get fucked; some want another man to do it for them. Others are happy to see their man have some fun with another woman.

About the only rules that we have seen for regular nights is no male on male play. Other than that, there is something for everyone at CCK. For couples who are making their first trip to a sex club, we recommend making a game plan before hand. Work out what your idea of a sexy night is. What are your limits. Do you plan on swapping or maybe soft petting with another couple?

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Do you kiss other people? Keep an open mind and be prepared to take time out to discuss the situation with each other, and to decide on your limits. You might find another couple perfect and irresistible, and decide this is the opportunity. In the heat of the moment, be aware of how your partner is feeling.

Keep close and in touch if you are new to this. Saturday night at CCK is usually the busiest and most fun, but Friday can also be rocking. It depends on which day the All Blacks are playing. Wednesday is usually the one night of the week reserved for entry for single men.

Typically the ratio ends up being 2 or 3 men for each woman. The women who attend these events are usually experienced and seek the sexy thrill of the line up. Men congregate and cruise up and down the corridors and rooms, bumping into each other, waiting for an opening. Women lie back on the beds and take it as it comes. On a Wednesday night occasion we watched a tall lady with sweeping long blonde hair and stunning legs take on a group of men.

She was in the main room, near the bar, bent over. Her partner was taking her from behind whilst she worked her way clockwise around a semi circle of men, seated in the chairs around her. She had one hand on the man to her right, warming him up, whilst the other hand and mouth finished off the man she was working on. Then she would move next to the right. Sundays the club is often hired out to Special Events. These usually remain open to the public. Events include:. If you are a woman and want to attend you will have to book months in advance as spaces are highly sought after.

Men can book closer to the New Zealand sex parties. What goes on is self explanatory.

New Zealand sex parties

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