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The use or misuse or abuse by others of your time—the degree to which you achieve peak productivity—will determine your success. Entrepreneurship is the conversion of your knowledge, talent, guts, etc. The more you think like an investor-entrepreneur than just an entrepreneur, the better you do financially.

What is that ? Second, you have to eliminate the need for doing or delegate those tasks and activities that just cannot and do not match up with the mandated value of your time. Time Vampires are needy, thirsty, selfish, and vicious creatures who, given an opportunity, will suck up all of your time and energy and leave you weak and debilitated. Being willing to deal with Time Vampires as you would a vile, evil, blood-sucking creature of the dark is the first step in freeing yourself from them.

Being in meetings is seductive. It is a way to feel important. You need to stop and ask yourself: do I really need to be in—or hold—this meeting? Is there a more time-efficient way to handle this? A conference call? A memo circulated to each person? Heck, a posting on a bulletin board.

On an internet or intranet site.

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An. Hey, anything BUT another meeting. If you must attend a meeting, you also have some stakes available so you can slay Mr. Another Time Vampire to watch out for is Mr. Everything else MUST wait until tomorrow. Are you convinced that what you want to talk to me about is a 9 or 10? Leadership is not about visibly outworking everybody.

Actually, brilliant leadership is about getting everybody else to out-work you. You have absolutely no legal, moral, or other responsibility to answer the phone or take a call unless you want to. The average worker is interrupted every 3 minutes, 50 seconds. That equates to interruptions in an 8-hour workday. If you aspire to be only an average worker achieving average performance and average outcomes, then going along with this will meet your needs and guarantee your mediocrity. Attitudes and actions have direct consequences. If you accept the attitudes of the average—in this case, accepting frequent interruptions as unavoidable, and you accept the behavior of the average—in this case, the habit of distraction and self-interruption and of instantly or quickly or even same-day response to interruptions inflicted by others, you can count on being and staying average.

Dan believes a person who cannot keep appointments on time, cannot keep scheduled commitments, or cannot stick to a schedule cannot be trusted in other ways either. Regimen, ritual, commitment, and discipline are of vital importance in relation to successful achievement. There are three kinds of action: starting things or implementation, follow-through, and completion.

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The two things that seem universal are that self-disciplined action is evident in every winner, as is the ability to differentiate between action and purpose-specific action—between busyness and purpose-driven busyness. A secret to greater personal productivity is more good reasons to be more productive.

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One of the real, hidden secrets of people who consistently achieve peak productivity is that they make inviolate appointments with themselves. The more you know about yourself and what works best for you, to liberate your creativity and to power your performance, the better you can arrange things to your satisfaction. Every task gets completed faster and more efficiently when you have determined in advance how long it should take and set a time for its completion. Dan can tolerate some compromise of desired quality, but he cannot tolerate winding up underpaid.

There is no excuse to simply waste time while waiting in an airport, stuck in traffic, or parked in a reception room. Acceptance of ordinary realities that are counter to deriving maximum benefit from your time equates to surrender of control. Guilt about creating benefit for yourself blocks any benefit coming to you. If you are to take a goal, objective, or target seriously and have a hope of its achievement, you need to link it to time.

We do not get paid for our ideas, our intentions, our thinking things over, for trying, even for doing. In the real world, there is no A for Effort. We only get paid for DONE.

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You must systematically, aggressively divest yourself of those activities you do not do well and do not do happily, or you must find routine, so as to systematically invest your time and talent, knowledge, know-how, and other resources in those things you do extraordinarily well, enjoy doing, and find intellectually stimulating. There is a profound difference between delegation and abdication.

How To Meditate - The No Bullshit Guide to Meditation

You cannot move ahead without jettisoning some responsibilities and tasks in order to make room for new, more valuable tasks and responsibilities. A six-step process to effective delegation:. Marketing is the highest-paid profession and most valuable part of a business.

You can only manage things that affect your ability to convert time to value, like environment, access, and all the other things discussed in this book. One of the most ificant, that you can control to a great extent, is association—your choices of whom you permit into your world, whom you give time to or invest time with, and whom you look to for ideas, information, and education. Each minute of your time is made more or less valuable by the condition of your mind, and it is constantly being conditioned by association.

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Here are four questions to ask when considering hiring an expert:. Never blindly delegate to mystics. There is a certain state of mind that best facilitates achieving peak productivity. This is one reason why a person fails to advance much from one year to the next: he is so busy whining about how unfair everything is and feeling sorry for himself that he has no time left to make anything happen.

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No one who is good at making excuses is also good at making money. The skills are mutually exclusive. Alibi-itis: Choosing a nifty alibi over a difficult path to achievement. Write them down. From there, translate them into three actions you can take each and every day.

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Before sunset, at least ONE thing had to be done intended to stimulate demand. He has only eased up on this in very recent years, as he chooses to rein in myself and wind down my work schedule, but still, at least half of his days include this. We have finite amounts of willpower that become depleted as we use them, get drained away, and replenish slowly if at all.

Therefore, it is far more beneficial to structure a success environment and install and enforce protections for your mind and its ability to do deep work than to cultivate and call on superior willpower. The embracing of new technology often masks a downgrade. Dan is not a fan of social media for reasons Cal Newport outlines in his book, Deep Work. If you like No B.

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Looking for some no bs fun

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