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for Free! Published 17 years ago. About 5 years ago my wife and I happened to be in Florida around spring break time. At night we went over to Disney's Pleasure Island, and before the night was through we learned why it was called Pleasure Island. We had bar hopped for a while before settling in at Mannequins night club, they were playing Techno which we are not into After dancing for a bit we went upstairs where there is a back hallway running the length of the place.

It is well equipped with stools along a shelf on one side, and mini couches and chairs along the other side. My wife sat on the stool and we started making out and watching other couples doing a little kissing and groping on the couches.

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As we got bolder and my wife got hornier, we stepped it up a bit. She was sitting facing up the hallway, and I was standing besides her kissing her and I had my hand down her shirt and would occasionally expose her tits. Before long she spread her legs and allowed me to rub her pussy. It was a fantastic turn on to have my wife spreading her legs and letting everyone who walked by see her exposed pussy.

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Every 10 minutes or so a guy who works in the bar would walk by so we would have to pause to keep out of trouble. I kept rubbing her pussy until she came, right there in the middle of the bar. I thought we were through, but we sat there for a while watching the other couples make out. One couple in particular caught my attention, he was sitting on a couch and the girl he was with was standing a few feet in front of him, the whole time she was bent over kissing him. This left a beautiful display of her ass slightly exposed from under her short skirt.

At one point this young guy walked by and "accidentally" bumped into her ass, getting a good handful of ass. After a quick delay, she stood up and caught up to the guy and said something to him, I assumed it to be a "touch me again and my boyfriend will kick you ass". I was soon proven wrong and she walked back to her boyfriend and bent over and began kissing him again. This young guy then walks up behind her and reaches under her skirt and starts fingering her pussy, occasionally reaching up to grab her tits, all the while she is kissing her boyfriend.

Needless to say this was turning on my wife and I. A few minutes into this her starts dry humping her ass. Then he starts looking around looking for something, as he sees us watching he comes over to us and asks if we would happen to have an extra condom. As I reach into my pocket to Island fuck Swinging him one I notice my Island fuck Swinging spreading her legs to give him a good view of her pussy.

I handed him the condom he still had not noticed her spread legs. So before he left I gestured down to my wife's pussy so he could enjoy the view. Well he misunderstood my gesture to "look at that" and he immediately reached down with his one hand and stuck two fingers up my wife's pussy as he whipped out his cock with the other hand. I wasn't sure how to react, it was great watching my wife in public with another guy, but I was unsure what she thought of it. She let me know her thoughts by spreading her legs wide as she started jacking off his cock.

As he tore open the condom package, obviously planning to fuck her right on the spot, I thought for sure Amy would stop him.

What Happens at a Swinger's Club?!

She surprised me again by grabbing the condom and helping him put it on. She was dripping wet so he was able to just jam his cock right into her. We were in a public place so she inched to the front of the barstool and he stood in front of her slowly fucking her. The work guy came by to make his rounds so everyone quickly covered up as he walked by, I guess if it wasn't too blatant he wasn't going to say anything.

After the bouncer made his rounds we were able to .

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The guy looked at me and said "keep an eye out for the bouncer, I'm gonna fuck her good" figuring we had some time before he came back. Then he hooked his elbows behind her knees pulled her legs up and wide and proceeded to bang away for all he was worth.

After a few minutes and quite a few spectators went into high gear then grunted as he came.

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He then zipped up his pants said thank you to both my wife and me and walked away. Even now 5 years later I can hardly believe my quite and reserved wife, fucked some stranger in a bar full of people. Holiday sex is always the best.

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Island fuck Swinging

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