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I live in New York City, one of the most vibrant, people-packed places in the world—and yet, I still get lonely. Maybe even more than just lonely.

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Sometimes, it feels downright isolating. Many of us need it to feel fulfilled, happy, and confident. According to a Hello lonely ladies report released earlier this yearloneliness in America is at an all-time high. Like so many of us do when we feel alone, uncomfortable, or just bored, I tend to take to probably poorly placate my feelings of social inferiority by scrolling through social media.

Some psychologists attribute this kind of behavior to the exacerbation of loneliness in millennials. I am fully aware of this fact heck, even I have carefully crafted my own social media feed to make myself and my life look a certain wayyet on particularly lonely nights, I still find myself mindlessly navigating to a Facebook group I had recently ed, which involves all NYC-based females who listen to the same pop-culture podcast, The Morning Toast.

Adults for some reason have a hard time befriending each other. Immediately, I felt seen and understood. Before I knew it, the poster had collected s and created a collective group text for everyone who wanted to be included. Soon, meetups were being planned, Bachelor- watch parties were being had, and support was given to women who were going on dates, going through breakups, and more.

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Bumble BFF has contributed to more meetups of females looking for friendship, while online networking communities like Girlboss help women navigate career and work waters. Even Reddit thre like this Girl Survival Guide are helping women feel less alone in the things they are going through. With everything, we need balance.

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We need to balance both needs. Making friends Hello lonely ladies an adult takes time studies say up to 90 hours together and effort, which these easy, online conversations do not. It can also be a great way to find groups of people with shared interests. I make it a point to interact with the group more, find out which members live in my neighborhood, and eventually, make it a goal of mine to meet up with them in-person. Nicole Sbordoned therapist and author of Surviving Female Friendships: The Good, The Bad, and The Uglysays that the more we put in effort, the more it will alleviate feeling lonely and isolated.

She encourages everyone to not only get creative about how they go about making friends via friendship apps or social media groups, like the one I edbut to be bolder about getting out of that comfort zone to ask someone get coffee or meet up. You could just make a new friend.

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Home Lifestyle How my search for female friendship lead me to an unlikely online community. How my search for female friendship lead me to an unlikely online community. Mackenzie Dunn Updated Mar 13, am.

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