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Did you know that, according to survey data collected by the U. Centers for Disease Control and Preventionmen are half as likely to go to the doctor as women over a two-year period?

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We can p that most men understand the importance of good health. Well, according to the American Heart Association, some of the top reasons why men choose not to visit a doctor are:. No matter what the excuse, there is always a better reason why a man should visit a doctor, such as recognizing and preventing disease, and keeping their loved ones happy.

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Men should not only visit a doctor when they feel ill. In addition to a physical screening, mental health concerns will also be discussed.

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This is extremely important since young men are four times as likely to die from suicide than young women. In fact, suicide is the second leading cause of death among young men. And the leading cause of death?

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An on-campus health center can be a tremendous resource for college students. For doctor-shy students, a telehealth service may be preferred. Telehealth is technology that allows patients to access a physician via their computer or smartphone.

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For more information on telehealth, check out our blog on this emerging technology. Notice of Data Security Incident.

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Resources for students An on-campus health center can be a tremendous resource for college students.

Collegeaged guy looking for same

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Real Men Visit the Doctor: A Quick Overview of College-Aged Men’s Health