Cheating in minneapolis

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The University has an established process for responding to scholastic dishonesty instructors play an important role in this process and are required by university policy to report student scholastic dishonesty if it occurs. If you have questions or would like to discuss an incident before submitting a report, please contact the Office for Community Standards at Instructors can take some steps to prevent scholastic dishonesty before it occurs.

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for some guidelines and helpful resources. Responding to Scholastic Dishonesty. Instructor Steps for Reporting Scholastic Dishonesty If you suspect scholastic dishonesty, record the incident immediately while it is fresh in your mind. Gather information and evidence. Keep relevant documents until the matter is resolved. Talk to the student about the matter. Ask questions. Share why you suspect scholastic dishonesty.

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Take notes. Decide whether scholastic dishonesty occurred and what academic penalty is fair to as. Click on this link for guidelines in determining an academic penalty.

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If you determine scholastic dishonesty has occurred, inform the student of their academic sanction and that you will be reporting the incident. Fill out and submit the scholastic dishonesty report form. Need to Consult? Preventing Scholastic Dishonesty Instructors can take some steps to prevent scholastic dishonesty before it occurs.

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Why Report Scholastic Dishonesty? Students learn the importance of doing original work by being held able. Patterns of cheating can only be identified and addressed if faculty report individual incidents. Reporting upholds the integrity of the University of Minnesota and the value of a University of Minnesota degree University policy requires faculty to report incidents of scholastic dishonesty.

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Important Information Regarding Scholastic Dishonesty Students are allowed to continue participating in class. University policy prohibits students withdrawing from a course to avoid receiving an F or an N due to scholastic dishonesty. Some colleges have policies that prohibit withdrawing from a course to evade any grade penalty due to scholastic dishonesty.

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for a list of links to these college specific policies. A few programs at the University have specific procedures for handling incidents occurring within their program.

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for a list of programs and links to their procedures.

Cheating in minneapolis

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