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Like the fizz of a Vitamin C tablet into a glass of cold water, here are a few other things you could consume your thoughts with, for when you want to escape the topic of COVID, if only for the duration of a meal. Read on. A few days ago, Vogue Business published an article surrounding the affectionate nicknames for luxury brands and products that Chinese consumers have created.

The article argues that it creates a more intimate relationship between consumer and product.

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Get your dinner guests thinking: what nickname would you give your handbag? And why?

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You could probably pick up anything written by Leandra M. Cohen and use it as a conversation starter, though the premise of this articl e is an intriguing one. Is Bali overhyped? Are the Maldives worth it? And as for Leandra: she outlines how lonely Paris can get, especially as a fashion editor at Fashion Week.

The shows are great, but you end up in your hotel room alone at night every night — a stark contrast to what social media portrays. Dopamine fastinghowever, takes a little bit of a different route. Digital detox destination suggestions? Do you have one? What is it? What do you think of the concept?

Wait for an avalanche of comments. For a while, it was showing off certain monograms. And then for another while, it was hiding them completely. Then it shifted to experiences. And then even those experiences transformed to mean something different. They may link to Sunday markets, city walks, or street food.

More wineanybody? In a sweet TED TalkKing outlines how they prevented a herd of elephants from stealing African farmer crops, through the eco-friendly use of bees and bee sounds to drive them away. They used hives instead of electric fences to protect the crops, and it was a huge Chat late dinner.

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It gets you thinking about the environment and how we can do things in a more dignified, natural manner. Also, how animals have emotions and are in many ways similar to humans.

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Now the evening will never end. You are welcome. Has anyone here watched and adored Matt Damon in The Martian?

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We got the inspiration from an article on Wiredand it really got us thinking about space food. What would you eat in the rocket given that the gravity is all out of whack? Which vegetable would you attempt to grow first on Mars? What will we crave first?

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Also bless the meal you are having right now. The Sims turned 20 years old this year, which means that we are officially ageing. To give the question some intellectual backing, link it to the soothing effect the game has on mental health, as outlined here in The Cut. The novel is centred around how to live a creative life, with one theory in particular really standing out.

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This comes in the form of a little fairy of demon, who invokes a great idea within you. Once executed, it then leaves you. What was one of your greatest ideas that you let go? Both casual and fine dining establishments are including insects in their menus, and now even alcohol brands are looking to incorporate the little creatures. Throw the topic onto the table perhaps with some fried crickets as a side snackand let people unwrap their anecdotes and experiences therewith.

Conversation on the table is what you make it, really. Stay safe out there, and equally importantly, stay inspired. Yes, I agree to the Privacy Policy. Follow our daily snapshots at lifestyleasiabk. Lisa Gries. Share this article. Next article. Dining Culture Entertainment Dinner Conversation. Chat late dinner Drinks Dining Watches. This would give MarieKondo major anxiety. Is there anything better than fresh pesto? Socialdistancing at its finest. Follow on Instagram. Recommended For You.

Bagels have been the talk of the town for quite s. Actual footage of us every morning. Tap linkinbio. Congratulations to katieledecky for winning the g. Aspiring to be as carefree as this cat.

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