About us

“A niche platform for the streetwear & sneaker industry where retailers and brands can connect with candidates, creatives, agencies & freelancers.”

If you’re looking for jobs in the streetwear & sneaker industry then you have come to the right place! Streetwear Jobs was born out of the frustration of trying to find a specialist recruitment platform that was specially tailored to the streetwear & sneaker industry. The concept of Streetwear Jobs is to connect retailers and brands with niche industry talent, freelancers & agencies.

After looking at other “fashion” recruitment sites it was clear the prices were overly expensive but didn’t really offer specialist services. That’s where we aim to differ, focusing solely on the streetwear & sneakers industry, be it streetwear, sneakers, retail, resale, premium fashion or sportswear (anything under the streetwear umbrella), offering as little as £99.99 for one job listing to a global daily audience.

Since launching in 2018 we have seen a wealth of niche industry talent come through the platform. Join the fastest growing recruitment platform in the streetwear & sneaker industry now!

Streetwear Jobs is part of Mint Media Ltd (12493745), a company which is registered in the UK.