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This will help you and your doctor narrow it down. Dry mouth can also go along with this feeling of extreme thirst. This can make your mouth, throat, and tongue feel sticky and dry. It can also give you chapped lips and trouble swallowing.

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Dry mouth can be both a cause and symptom of thirst. One of the most common causes of excessive thirst is having too much sugar in your blood. When your kidneys get maxed out from filtering sugar from your blood, the glucose overflow goes into your urine, taking fluids from your tissues with it.

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This makes you pee more, and your body dehydrates, making you thirsty. Thirst is a typical first symptom of diabetes. It can affect not only your respiratory system, but your GI tract, too.

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It can cause the same symptoms as high blood sugar, like excessive thirst. Other symptoms include constipation, not being able to gain weight, large, oily bowel movements, and poor growth.

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Excessive thirst is a rare symptom of it, along with more common symptoms like shortness of breath, fatigue, feeling dizzy or faint, a rapid pulse, and muscle cramping. It happens when your body has too much of the hormone cortisol. Feeling thirsty can be a of it.

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Dry mouth is one of the primary symptoms of this autoimmune disease. This can cause dehydration.


Your thirst may be a you need to bump up the amount of water you drink while sporting your bump. Tobacco can affect how much saliva your body makes. This can lead to dry mouth and the feeling of thirst. Smoking can also make your saliva thicker and less wetting for your mouth.

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Vomiting, diarrhea, sweating a lot, or not drinking enough water can cause it. Dehydration can also make you dizzy and lightheaded, and turn your pee dark. You could also have itchy, dry skin, as well as a headache, nausea, and a big drop in appetite.

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You may lose weight, too. A to Z Guides Slideshows.


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2 thirsty ladies

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